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about us

Add value to your business with tech

Technobs is an innovative technology hub where ideas, skillsets and passion are used to build digital products that solve real life problems.

We empower our clients with tailor-made web and mobile app development solutions. We also provide digital marketing,Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management services

Technobs fundamentals are work built on solid expertise, strong corporate culture and unity of people ready to contribute value. We aim to establish professional and fruitful corporations becoming reliable partners for our customers.

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Why choose us

Our core values


Exceed Expectations

We invest time and resources to understand the expectations of clients and colleagues so we can exceed it. Simply put: we underpromise and over-deliver.


Clients First

We make every decision (no matter how big or small) and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our clients.


Business Growth

We digitally scale your business when you work with us





Our Mission

Our mission is to create products that give people the power to use technology & innovation to achieve more in their life, businesses and communities

Our Values

Our company is built on clients first, we exceed expectations and we embrace change