Run system commands like a Pro-Lesson 1


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Learn windows shortcuts.

Learn how to use your PC faster. In this article, we will be covering few command lines you need to know in order to use your PC like a pro. With these, you don’t need to always use your mouse to navigate in your PC.

In this article we will be covering:

  • Windows shortcuts
  • commands (basically how to shutdown, log off or restart your PC using the cmd.exe )

Now lets get started: You need your PC by your side in order to see the functionalities of these shortcuts. It will really help.

Windows shortcuts:

Fantastic windows short cuts you need to know as a PRO.

  • Windows key + Up arrow= maximize a current window.
  • Windows key + down arrow key = minimize the current window.
  • Alt key + Tab key= switch between open programs. With this shortcut, you can easily navigate to another program without minimizing the one you are currently working on.
  • Windows key+ R= Open the run menu. The run menu is another easy way to navigate through your PC faster. There is an article on that.




  • Windows key+ F= search window. This command opens the search windows where you can search for anything you are looking for in your PC without much stress.
  • Windows key + F1= Open windows help. With this you can get help anytime you are lost. You can as well use this short cut key to get help when you have any problem with any feature in your PC.
  • Windows key+ D: This shortcut also works like The minimizing shortcut. If you press this shortcut keys, the program you are currently working on will minimize immediately. In order to recover it back,
  • Windows key+ E= Open file explorer.
  • Windows key + L= Lock your PC. With this shortcut, you don’t need to navigate to the start menu in order to lock your PC. It can as well make you to lock it faster.
  • Windows key + space bar: peep at your desktop. If you want to see what is happening in the desktop of your PC, you should use this shortcut.




  • Windows key + right arrow key: shift your window to the right. This can be used to minimize your current window to the right.
  • Windows key + Left arrow key: This shortcut can be used to minimize or shift your current window to the left.
  • Windows key and + key: This shortcut can be used to zoom in your desktop.
  • Windows key and – key: This shortcut can be used to zoom out in your desktop.



  • Windows key + Numbers (1-9) : with this shortcut, you can navigate your task bar and select a program to open without navigating with your mouse.
  • Windows key + shift + numbers (1-9): This shortcut is just like number 15 above. They perform the same task.

Here ends the lesson 1, in the next lesson, we will be treating how to use the cmd.exe to shutdown, log off, restart your PC.



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