How to use your phone as a cheap home security camera.


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Nursing mothers can now monitor their babies with this guide. Parents can monitor their kids. Instead of throwing away your old phones or selling them, it is better to put them to a great use. Find out how to use your mobile phone as a home security camera. It is cheaper!!


Use your old phone as a home security camera- Monitor your home.


Technobs has always been coming up with lovely guides that will make your life better. In this article, you will learn how to convert your phone into a cheap home security camera. I said it is cheap because, buying a home security camera in this era is very expensive.

Now, if your old phone is still good, I mean, if the rear camera is still in a good shape, then you are good to go. If you don’t have any phone and you are interested to buy one, check out cheap phones here.

In order to use the alfred home security app, you need two phones. One will be a viewer and the other will be a camera.



Steps to follow:

  1. Get a good phone that still has a functional rear camera. If you think that the one you are using now is expensive to be used as a home camera, you can check out cheap phones. (click here)


2. If your phone is ready, then you get started with setting up your home camera. You need to choose a security camera app. You have to know that, using only the phone camera cannot do the job because your memory will be insufficient. I recommend the Alfred home security app created by the Alfred lab INC. This app has helped a lot of people and has gotten over 8 million downloads because of its worth.

Features of the Alfred home security app:

  • The Application is free to use.
  • It makes use of wi-fi connection but you don’t need any internet connection. It works without internet connection. (thats why it is cheap to manage)
  • It alerts you when you need it to, depends on your settings.
  • It stores your videos in the cloud. That means, it doesn’t require any storage space from your phone. The process is called cloud storage.
  • You can monitor it from another phone. You just need to connect it with your wi-fi.
  • This can be used to monitor a new born baby, therefore after reading this article, share it to other women.

Download the app for Android: Click here

Download the app for iOS : click here

How to setup the Alfred home security app in your home.



  • After downloading the app, open it on the phone you want to use as the viewer. Select viewer and once you get to the sign in page, sign in with your google account.
  • Get the phone you want to setup as your camera, select camera and once you get to the sign in page, sign in with the same google account.
  • After logging in, you can now add more phones you want to use as a viewer. You can add that of your family members and others you trust.
  • Select where you want to use the camera and mount it there.
  • Take note that you need to mount the camera where there is a source of power so that the battery will not run out. Make sure it is close to a socket outlet.



That’s all! Enjoy your new phone camera.

All the best.

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