How to build your own app if You don’t know how to code


Programming! this is what keeps the tech world moving. There are lots of newbies in programming and a lot of people aspiring to become programmers but don’t really know how to start.

I believe in apps for everyone, and we mean it. Anyone with content to share can make an app for an easy and effective way of reaching their audience. Be it bloggers, musicians, small businesses, publishers, non-profits, you name it. If you’ve got content to share, there’s an app to be made with it



Programming is important in many aspects.

  • web design and development.
  • software designs.
  •  Mobile App development: Android, apple…..

There are Many other applications of programming and as well there are many programming languages: JAVA, C++, C# and so on.

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Now, our main aim is to learn how to build apps even if you don’t know how to code. In order to achieve this, there are various steps you need to follow.

Getting started:

Every App developer needs an account in google play (android developers) and iTunes (apple developers). With this, you can showcase your app to the world. I recommend that you join any of them in order to get started. You can as well join later when you are ready to launch your app.

For android developers, you can apply with your Google account, accept the terms and pay a $25 registration fee.  sign in here . To become an app seller for the iOS platform through the iTunes store, you’ll need to click here, pay a $99 annual fee and sign in using your Apple credentials. After those initial fees, both Google and Apple take 30 percent of sales once your app is published.

Then, there are platforms where you can develop your app. You can se them below.

App Development Platforms.

  • Appypie:


App Builder Appy Pie is the fastest growing cloud based Mobile Apps Builder Software (App Maker) that allows users with no programming skills, to create Android & iPhone applications for mobiles and smartphones; and publish to Google Play & iTunes.

App Pie can be utilized to build highly custom apps that can run on iOS and Android devices, in native code, as well as a progressive web app for much less than working with a dev shop. Appy Pie’s App Builder is highly customizable and feature-rich, unlike other template solutions.

  • Design your own App in Minutes.
  • No Coding Skills Required. Just Drag & Drop.
  • Publish on App Stores, Google Play & iTunes.
  • App Revisions/Updates are Real Time.
  • Send Push Notifications.
  • Apps can be easily Monetized with Ads.
  • App publishers get real-time App Analytics.
  • Share App with Friends.



Is the appypie platform free? There is a free plan in Appypie. with it, you can learn how it works before you upgrade to a higher plan. The price for all the plans is below 50$ monthly depending on the plan you want.


Game Salad: This is another platform to learn App development. I love their landing page tag line which says:

“Learn Computer Science Through Game Creation”

Game Salad’s Creator platform allows game developers to rapidly design, publish, and distribute sophisticated games for iOS, Android, and HTML5, while eliminating the need to code.



Game salad was launched in 2010, Game  Salad has been used by over one million aspiring game developers and has powered over 75 games that reached the top 100 in the App Store, including multiple #1 games. It is a game development platform that allows anyone to create the game of their dreams without writing a line of code.

just like appypie, Game salad has free plan. You can as well upgrade in order to enjoy more features of the plat form. All the plans are below 25$ monthly.

  • AppMakr: 

AppMakr is a do-it-yourself app creation platform that lets anyone make your own iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile formatted websites —with no coding required.

  • It’s simple
  • It’s jam-packed with features
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s Cross-Platform
  • It’s the best way to display your content.

Just like others, AppMakr has a free plan and higher plans that requires money. Their billing is monthly and in is in pounds. All their plans are below 25£.

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That’s all. Enjoy App development. Live Up to your dreams! Don’t forget to share.


Hi, I am frank, an inspired tech. blogger, web developer and a computer hardware technician. Catch up with tutorials, tech news, programming tips and lots more!

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