Best Whatsapp Marketing Guide( Practicals)

whatsapp marketing


Whatsapp Marketing guide for Business.( Grow your business more than before).

You should take note that the main thing to consider when starting up a business is your target customers, how to get to them, how to retain them and how to make them to constantly come back for more. You should also know that you have competitors and they have their secrets which you don’t know.

Take some minutes and read what a business owner told me during our conversation.


“ Frank, I am into selling Men’s clothes. I own a boutique along Awka road in Onitsha, Nigeria. My boutique is well furnished, I have classic clothes for sale but my biggest problem is:



____________________________________Mr. Philip_______________


This will show you that one of the big problems in business is having a customer and the bigger problem is retaining them.

I gave him a good advice and will you like to know?

There are many ways to achieve this; however it will be better if you use things that you already have to grow your business. This will save costs and time too.

The e-book you are about to get is whatsapp marketing  practical guide on how to use the popular, fun, free, easy-to-use mobile messaging app used by millions of people in Nigeria and all over the world.

All you need to do is to settle down and read through this awesome guide.


Things that you will learn

  1. How to Set up your Whatsapp Online store.
  2. How to Build your Customer contact list/database
  3. How to start marketing effectively.
  4. How to time your messages and sell better.
  5. Whatsapp Payment method :How to get paid on whatsapp ( Fast and secure). Receive payments from customers anywhere. I know that you don’t know about it
  6. How to track payments made through whatsapp.

The Guide is filled with practicals to help you learn faster.


This guide is being promoted to other countries all over the world. It is well detailed and you will learn a lot

below is a testimony from someone in NIGERIA that got the book and used the whatsapp fast and secure payment method.

whatsapp marketing




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