5 tips on how to grow your facebook business page.


You have a page on Facebook? Having a page on Facebook is not all about writing and posting and people will comment like and share. It makes no sense when you don’t generate money from it. In order to achieve this, you need to always make people to visit your page all the time because of how attractive it is and the content in it. Here on technobs, you will find out how to grow your Facebook business page if you have one. If you don’t have one yet, you can see how to create one here.

How to grow your facebook business page(things to do)


    1. You need to have a nice timeline cover photo: with the nice timeline cover photo, you will be able to tell the public who you are, what your business is all about.
    2. Always post photos of promos, or upcoming events concerning your business.
    3. You need to make sure that in your facebook page ‘about’, you need to write what you do and as well link people to your main companies website by writing your companies URL.




4. A lot of people fail because they don’t write posts that makes sense. You need to write posts that are REAL, PERSONAL, HAVE VALUE, and are SIMPLE. Post personal pictures of your company and yours too, you can posts photos of your products, even those that are on sale. Moreover you should even post a video. Maybe photo of your companies activities and events. People always likes to buy from real business entrepreneurs.

5. Always refer people to your page. Let your page traffic be high. Let people visit your page regularly and see what you got. You can as well run your facebook page ad.

If you follow other peoples page like fellow consultants’s business pages, always like and try to comment – what drives a posts reach is engagement via likes, shares, & comments.

With these tips you can create a page that is classic and standard. Improve your business with it and live big!

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If you don’t have a Business page see how you can learn more on how to create it here.


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