How to get a paypal account in Tanzania

how to get a paypal account that can send and receive money in tanzania

In this article, I will be showing you how to get a Paypal account in tanzania. Before that I want to tell you this:

You have been told that you can’t receive money using Paypal in Tanzania but you can only send. Today I want to let you know that you can!

A lot of people like you have been asking questions like: Is PayPal available in Tanzania? How can i receive money via Paypal in Tanzania?

The truth is that, Paypal is available in Tanzania. Just like some other african countries, you can use Paypal to buy and pay for things online, send money to someone in another country using paypal but the fact is you can not receive money with it. Therefore in the rest of this article, I will be showing you how.

Is paypal available in Tanzania?

Yes! it is available.

Can Tanzania paypal send and receive money?

Yes! you can receive money via paypal only by using my method.

Why you need a Paypal account

There was something that prompted you to start searching online for solutions to this. I assume you already know why you need a Paypal account but let me still outline some points.

  • PayPal is arguably one of the most popular online payment gateways.
  • A lot of online platforms pay through Paypal
  • Third and last reason is that you want to join an online platform that pays through Paypal but you don’t have a paypal account that can receive money in tanzania.

I will create a paypal account for you through a method that worked for me.

Below is a screenshot of the one of the payments I received via paypal.

Is PayPal available in Tanzania?

Believe me, in my country, you can’t receive money through Paypal. Yet, I am doing so.

Another fact is that you have been searching online to get this question answered but it has not been answered. You keep seeing things like, you can send but you cannot receive.

This will be solved today only if you take action very fast!

I joined a copywriting network recently and I made some money. I referred my friends to the same platform but some could not join because they don’t have paypal account. I was prompted to write this article i order to help out. Below, you will see a request from someone in tanzania who told me to create a paypal account for him.

I had to do it and in the same way am willing to help you

Follow the steps below to get an account for yourself

  1. Be ready to pay a sum of $10 That is the little fee I will collect from you. Don’t worry, I will still send $2 back to you to show you that it works. Therefore you are kind of paying only $8 for it. ( very cheap and fair )
  2. Payment is made through bitcoin. Therefore you will be sending the bitcoin equivalent of $7 at the time you contact me.
  3. When payment is received and confirmed, you should send an email address I will use to create yours
  4. If you are ready, contact me by using the chat icon at the bottom right of your browser or you send me a message by clicking here

That is all for now, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can use the comment section below.

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