Copywriting Network Review- All you need to know

copywriting network review

Have you been looking for a platform where you can make money as a writer? then read this copywriting network review. There are many platforms where you can write and get paid: Fiverr, upwork, people per hour and so on.

These platforms have over 1 million users in which there are many writers just like you. The question now is: how can you make money there? how can you beat the competition? This is why this article was written. You might have a lot of questions like:

  • What is copywriting?
  • Is copywriting a good career?
  • review
  • Where can I start copywriting as a beginner?

What is copywriting?

Copywriting according to wikipedia is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Is the grammer too much? In a nutshell, copywriting means writing an article, sales letter or content that will convince a customer. Big companies need copywriters to market their products. That is why they are ever ready to pay huge amount of money to copywriters.

Is copywriting a good career?

These days, people are beginning to understand that white collar jobs are not for everyone. Working in offices everyday and getting paid a little penny. Copywriting is now a sought after skill. It is a skill you learn and make money on your own. With copywriting you can be a boss on your own, become a consultant to firms and you can run your own marketing agency because you have all it takes.

Copywriters are in high demand. Companies need their help in crafting home pages, landing pages, product pages, subscription pages, sales letters to customers, blogs, articles for e-zines and e-newsletters. The demand is great right now and growing.

Having understood what copywriting is all about, lets get into the main aim of this article which is: review.

Copywriting network reviewAll you need to know

What is copywriting network?

copywriting network review is a platform where you can get paid to write articles for people. In addition you can become a client. You can post work for others on the copywriting network to complete. This platform was created by a team of ten who have been actively writing and purchasing content for the past 20 years. On the basis they consider themselves experienced enough to understand how to build a copywriting system for writers and publishers which benefits both sets equally.

If you are a freelance writer, joining this platform is a very good choice. There are over 3000 writing jobs waiting for people to do them. You can start earning from home as a writer.

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copywriting network review

How to join copywriting network

Joining copywriting network is easy. ALl you have to do is to follow the three steps below:

  • First step: Visit copywriting network portal
  • Second step: Register using your email and create a password
  • Third step: After registration, login to the portal using your details
  • Fourth step: You will receive an email, there you will be welcomed to the plaform and you will be told the basic things you need to get started. You are required to write a writing test/exam on any topic they provided. You will see the requirements, make sure you adhere strictly to the rules. In addition, after that your test will be reviewed and you will be notified of your performance. However, this is to make sure that you are a good writer that can be hired for clients.
  • Fifth step: Start writing and earn money.
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How to make money on copywriting network

In order to make money on this platform, you have to browse the available jobs on your dashboard. There are three categories of jobs:

  1. Writing jobs : In this section, clients will post topics that they want writers to write on. You can now Claim the article and write on it. Note that there are instructions you have to adhere to in order to get paid.
  2. review jobs: You can also review products on this platform. There are lots of products to review and you get paid for every task you complete.
  3. Sharing your opinions: There are image and religious opinion sections. You share your opinion about an image or religious belief. They don’t pay a great deal. But they are super easy to do, They don’t even require users to take a test to do it. They also reward $5 everyday to the writer who has the best ranked opinion from others in our wider network.

They have a zero tolerance attitude to users who submit similar text or plagiarize though. A small section of users end up getting their accounts blocked if they try to submit the same piece of work to several clients with similar requirements for story. This happens more than you would believe! When this happens, the system automatically blocks them. Zero tolerance policy! Only honest workers.

How to hire Freelancers on Copywriting network

If you are in need of freelancers, you can contact them on this platform and get your articles written by professional writers. There is an option to post jobs for others, all you have to do is to request access, once approved, you can post jobs and it will be done.

Copywriting network minimum withdrawal and withdrawal methods

There are three payment methods: paypal, western Union and bitcoin. You can withdraw your earnings from as little as $1.00.

Copywriting network Earnings

I made $10.82 after joining Copy writing network. They paid me for writing articles. There are many ways to make money which I wrote above.

Copywriting network earnings
Copywriting network earnings

Copywriting Network Payment proof.

I have been getting a lot of emails, comments and chats concerning whether this platform pays. You can as well check the comment section and see what am telling you. A lot of people have been paid. I will show you my latest payment proof below, I submitted a withdrawal request and got paid via Paypal under 24 hours.

Therefore, follow the screenshots below gradually and see for yourself.

1: I placed a withdrawal request

copywriting network payment proof

2: My withdrawal request was pending for some hours

copywriting network payment pending

3: You can monitor your pending request

4. The money finally arrived to my Paypal account. payment proof
Copywriting network paypal payment proof

Update !!

On the 27th of April 2020, I received another payment via paypal. You can see screenshots below:

Copywriting network payment on April 27, 2020

You can as well be paid through bitcoin, however I am familiar with Paypal and thats why I used it to receive my payment. There are countries where Paypal doesn’t work. Are you in one of those countries and you you need a Paypal account that can send and receive money? I can set it up for you. Contact me by clicking here. [ please attach your contact details too: email/phone number so that I can get back to you ].

_______patience is the key________

Is Legit?

Yes, the platform is legit. I have been paid and you too can make some money there. The people that created the platform have been into Copywriting for many years.

Click here to join

102 thoughts on “Copywriting Network Review- All you need to know

  1. Sandra Reply

    Please I have joined and I have passed all my writing tests. I was asked to choose a payment method and when I choose Western Union , they said invalid payment method. But I don’t use PayPal in my country and Bitcoin is quite confusing. Please can you do something about this for me? And some of us?

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Hi Sandra, the two major payment methods used are Paypal and bitcoin. You need any of them. I can help you create one. Let me know how to contact you.

  2. Prince Brown Reply

    Pls freeman i just joined the copywrite network, I need your help. I don’t know if we can chat via WhatsApp so you can guide me. My number is 09063737266 prince brown.

  3. Mike Reply

    Hi Freeman, have you actually been able to withdraw from them? I’ve been trying to withdraw through Bitcoin but it fails. Plus how come there are no other reviews about them on the internet if they’ve been here since 2017?

    • Jonathan Reply

      Hello bro good day, I recently joined copywriting network, have been approved after writing the exams but if I choose a job to do, it says I must reapply for consideration. I have been waiting for many days now but no response from client after applying for consideration. What should I do? Why can’t I just pick up a job without any consideration appearing. I’m becoming fed up.

  4. Elsie patrick Reply

    Hi Freeman,I just joined the platform two days ago.i was surprised that the platform does not have any links to talk to it’s workers.
    I did a proof reading job and my net went off for some minutes ,they immediately blocked me from doing proof reading for good.i did not understand the rules on each job.
    I wish they would spell out the rules before one starting any job.

  5. Mike Reply

    Bro you no dey reply me? I was asking if you’ve been able to withdraw with them. You’re the only other person I’ve seen that uses the platform

    • freeman Post authorReply

      How do you know am the only person that uses the platform? Do you have access to their database of users? I have uploaded my recent payment proof on the article, you can check the article now to see the update,

  6. Ayodele Mustapha Reply

    I just signed up for the copywriter job and have successfully passed the test and granted access to start working, but every time I try selecting an article I get the “Issue You have encountered an issue regarding your ability to pick work based on the fact you have multiple accounts. Users are only permitted to have one account. Please review our terms and conditions, specifically passages 16.19 and 16.20.” please help because this is my first account

  7. James Reply

    After writing how many articles do you get 4 star or 5, Star rating?

    • freeman Post authorReply

      It is based on plagiarism web wide, and how much you plagiarize your own work. Copywriting network has big issues with users ripping off other peoples work en-masse.

      They also manually review someone to determine if they are of a good consistent quality. It is about consistency of your writing style.

      The rating you get from the client has no impact on your rating score at all, as clients often just click approve without checking.

      They factor in proof reader scores too, if they constantly test high they raise your rating

    • Anonymous Reply

      Please do you have any idea why it’s writing ‘invalid Bitcoin address ‘

      • freeman Post authorReply

        It might be because your BTC address is not correct, check well and try again

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  9. Sweta Chakraborty Reply

    I am in level 4 xp. How likely i am to be upgraded to a 4* or 5* writer. Kindly explain.

  10. Franca Reply

    Hello please so it means we can’t use Western Union to withdraw money. What about if there’s no PayPal in your country.

  11. Vee Reply

    Hello, i recently tried withdrawing and i have been told my status is pending up to 5th may..what may be the problem?

  12. Emmanuel Michael Reply

    Hi Freeman, are there any other similar platforms you could suggest? My account access was revoked and they won’t let me set up a new account.

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Hi mike,
      sorry about that. If you will like to learn more about copywriting and other platforms, make sure you submit your email when a pop up come out after visiting this article

  13. Lilian Reply

    Thanks for the info bro. I have registered on the site already.

  14. Vee Reply

    Hello…Can you assist with the paypal hold after withdrawing?..They havent released my money ever since i withdrew and also assist on how to stop this paypal hold

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Hi Vee
      Paypal hold is a security measure to protect the sender and receiver. A hold normally takes 24 hours or more. At this time you need to have patience because you will still get your money

    • Yvonne Onsongo Reply

      Hi I have tried to withdraw but the only option here is for Bitcoin but I want to use PayPal what should I do? Or for PayPal I must achieve $10 for me to be paid?

  15. Faith Kimani Reply

    Can I register again after being blocked for having two accounts?

  16. Tisa mohere Reply

    Issue You have encountered an issue regarding your ability to pick work based on the fact you have multiple accounts. Users are only permitted to have one account. Please review our terms and conditions, specifically passages 16.19 and 16.20.

  17. Oluwadunsin Reply

    I want to find out if it is PayPal personal or business account require for payment transfer for copy writers.

    • freeman Post authorReply

      you need a business paypal because the network will pay you via goods and services. If you don’t have a business paypal, I can create one for you.

  18. Sheba Reply

    Hi, PayPal is holding my payment until I add a shipping information and also they want the address that sent me the money to confirm that I shipped their goods to them, now they say they are holding it for 7days, how did you overcome this hold, please help me understand what to do.

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Send a mail to the email address that sent you the payment and complain to them

  19. Efelexy Reply

    I have been paid twice by, my payment method is bitcoin. My last payment just came in hours ago. And I am a Nigerian, so therefore pays, but the work is hard, as I am only earning from opinion writing for now, even though I passed the exam and I am two stars currently, I have not gotten the opportunity to write a proper article that pays higher, but some day, it will happen anyway as long as I kept on bidding. So opinion writing it is for now, completing 500 original words every time, LoL. Cheers guys.

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Thanks for the feedback. For those that were doubting, they can now see that it works. I all requires patience

  20. Ted Andrew Tsike Reply

    Hello Freeman you said you could help with the PayPal account could you help me

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Yes, there is an instruction in the article, follow it and get your paypal account, thanks

  21. Lilian Reply

    Hello. Please I need your help. I’ve done my first exam from copywriting network but I haven’t been able to send it because the submit button isn’t responding when I click on it. Has anyone experienced this problem? Any advice on how to proceed?

  22. Lilian Reply

    Yay! I was able to submit my writing tests successfully and have passed all my exams. Just one more question. On the left side of the website, I see all jobs and jobs for you tabs. Where do I get the writing jobs to claim/take directly? I’m not really good at bidding. Thanks

    • freeman Post authorReply

      If you have passed your exams, you are free to apply for any writing job provided that your star rating is accepted

  23. Oyewo Oluwaseyitan Reply

    About the star ratings, how many jobs will be required to have a four star/five star ratings provided that the proof scores and client ratings are good?

  24. jay Reply

    Please when one client reject your work, does it mean you can work again

    • freeman Post authorReply

      You can still work again depending on the reason why the work was rejected. Try as much as you can not to be rejected because of plagiarism

  25. Oluwadunsin Reply

    Writing something that is similar to others work without copying from others work, does it equal to plagiarism in copywriting network. Most times my opinion expression can be similar to others people’s work. Is it the same thing as plagiarism. What do you think about writing reference at the end of your article where you never consulted other peoples printed work?

  26. Gamin isaiah Reply

    Hi freeman, I also have worked for the copywriting network and it’s really a nice platform but I got banned and they said that I submitted an article that was heavily related to a previous submission to another client and right now I can’t work with another account because of their rules of having a multiple account and they know about that through my IP address, so I wonder whether using a VPN to create another account might work

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Hi Gamin, you really made a mistake of submitting an article related to your previous work. You can contact the team to know what they have to say

  27. Cecilia Reply

    Hello, Copywriting actually is legit and pays, I have worked for a couple of months and I am in level 10 but with a 3-star rating. I have withdrawn every time I reach $10 and it takes around 4 days to come through. The only problem is the payment is too low, just less than $1 for 1000 words seriously is too small. But it is a good site to earn little income.

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Hi cecilia, thanks for confirming. Just see the platform as a place to grow your writing skill-set. You can also setup a copywriting agency for yourself. With this, you can start earning more

    • Danny Reply

      when did you get the 3 star rating, was it when you had level 10 XP points

  28. Marvie Reply

    Have you ever seen anyone with more than two star ratings?

  29. Marvie Reply

    Cecilia pls what was your level when you got promoted to Three star rating

  30. Vee Reply

    Hello freeman…Any other site that you are aware of that is legit as copywriting network?

    • Alfred Reply

      FREEMAN, two of my articles got rejected today, i don’t even know why. How can i contact the Network?
      And does it mean my writing privilege is revoked for good?
      And is there any other article writing platform you can refer?

  31. Sajid Reply

    Hi Feeman, thanks for this blog. Well I have passed all the exams but still I got two stars. Secondly I would like to ask in image opinion option can we give our opinion as per our wishes and whims, which may be any self stated story? Or firstly we may google the image and build the story?

    • freeman Post authorReply

      I have not really tried out that section. However, i guess there will be an instruction for that

    • freeman Post authorReply

      image opinions should be built around what is happening in the image, so click the button and then build a story from there.

  32. Alpha Reply

    My copy writing network account has no PayPal option. Who has the same problem? How should i go about it?

  33. Lim Chze Min Reply

    I need your help, please. I have done many works on the copywriting network. I wish to withdraw my first payment which is more than $1 to proof it is a true platform to earn. But my page doesn’t allow me to choose PayPal? I have check, no customer service for helping, what can I do over this?

  34. roberto Reply

    Copywriting network is abusive and inconsiderate towards its writers and their payment is a joke and an insult of the highest order to writers. Seriously who pays you US Dollars 40 cents for writing a 700-word article? 40 cents can’t even buy you enough data to complete a single task leave alone paying a Grammarly premium account. There’s also an issue of them closing your account due to the so-called ” Multiple complaints that are nonsensible” This is no place for a writer.

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Hi Roberto, I guess you don’t like how their system works. There are many other platforms, do join our mailing list to stay updated.

  35. Patrick Reply

    have finished my assignment but can’t submit due to an unresponsive button…who is experiencing the same problem?

  36. Dan Reply

    Personally, I have worked with this platform for more than five months and after writing more than 160 articles, I never went beyond star rating 3. Although the platform is timely in terms of payment, the platform is exploitive. According to their terms and conditions, the articles are supposed to be accepted after 72 hours but that is not normally the case. Their mode of payment is too low and there are no work assigned for star rating three. And you will be banned if you complain about the unfair treatment. It is true that there are thousands of work on this platform but most of them pay peanuts. If you want to make a living through online writing, avoid this platform like plaque.

  37. Emelia Heuck Reply

    I think websites for making money are fantastic, I am so hooked on them 🙂 Have you seen the million dollar funnel? it is pretty cool. I found this review on medium so I thought I would share. Thanks for the post.

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