11 reasons to read Aurora HDR 2019 review [2020 update]

Aurora hdr 2019 review

There is no need wasting your time because this Aurora HDR 2019 review has answers to all the questions you have in mind. I know you came to this page because you are looking for more information about Aurora HDR.

A lot of people have been asking this question: has aurora hdr 2020 been released? No, it has not been released at the time this article was published.

I must say that I agree with the famous adage that ” picture speaks more than a thousand words” however I will say that a picture that has been touched and refined with the Aurora HDR software will speak more than a million words.

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Photo editing has become one of the highly paid job/skill. A lot of people are in search of someone who can edit photos for them to make it better and if you would like to stand out then you should take note that as a graphic designer, you need to have a good knowledge of photo editing, this will help you a lot in your career and improve your skills.

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Aurora HDR 2019 Review

Read this:

The reviews we write very genuine. We explain everything to you then you make your choice. We are not trying to say good about them however we try our best to show you everything you should know.

What is Aurora HDR software?

This is a graphics Software developed by Skylum.They have developed many Photo editing softwares which Aurora is one of them.

HDR means High dynamic range. The HDR feature means that your camera will process photos slightly differently than normal in order to capture greater detail from bright and dark areas in your photo. It makes your photo good.

Therefore, HDR in this software will help you to overcome the limitations of image sensors in digital photographs.

aurora hdr 2019 review

Is Aurora HDR 2019 worth it? Is it a good photo editing software?

Now lets get into the review.

This is a software developed to make photo editing easier and look more professional and eye-catching. Below is an image being edited by the software

Aurora HDR 2019 review
Image of a city edited with aurora HDR

This software has been developed in many versions: 2017 version, Express Mac & windows 2018, windows 2018, Mac 2018.

All of them came with different features however the 2019 version which we are reviewing in this article came with amazing features which we will look into in the next section

Aurora HDR 2019 features- How do you use Aurora HDR?

11 reasons why you should download Aurora 2019 version

In addition to the features other versions had, the 11 top new amazing features added to the latest version are:

  1. Languages support: This version supports the following languages: English, french, German, Spanish and Japanese therefore it is easier to be used by a lot of people from various countries.
  2. HDR enhancer: It helps reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.
  3. Quantum HDR Engine: This is an AI-powered tone mapping technology. It helps to reduce burned colors, loss of contrast and many more.
  4.  Windows Support: Unlike the 2018 version, the latest version supports both Mac and windows operating system which makes it a good one. with this, You will not be limited to only one Operating System.
  5. LUTs: A LUT is a file that transforms one range of colors in an image to another range of colors. It helps to give your images a nice and unique look and feel. LUT Mapping filter also helps in tone adjustments
  6. Saving lens correction, transform, masking, textures to presets
  7. HDR Looks: The new HDR Looks helps to enhance and stylize images
  8. Imagenomic Portreture plugin support
  9. Nik Collection plugin support
  10. Photolemur 3.0 plugin support:This plugin automatically improves photos by using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. You can simply drag and drop all your pictures and let the A I do its work.
  11. Portreture plugin support.


Aurora HDR 2019 review- Download

Before you download this software, there are things you need to take note of:

Recommended system requirements

System Requirements for Apple 

Apple Mac devices: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini

Processor: Intel 64-bit Core 2 Duo or better

Memory: 8 Gb RAM or more

OS X: High Sierra 10.13.6, Sierra 10.12.5, El Capitan 10.11.5, Yosemite 10.10.5

Hard disk: 3 Gb free space, SSD for best performance

Display: 1280×768 size or better


Windows Recommended System Requirements

Windows-based hardware

PC with mouse or similar input device

Open GL 3.3 or later compatible Graphics Cards

Processor: Intel Core i5 or better

Memory: 8 Gb RAM or more

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hard disk: 3 Gb free space, SSD for best performance

Display: 1280×768 size or better

Make sure that your system meets the following requirements, if not you will be having issues.


How to download Aurora HDR 2019 Photo editing Software:

You can get this software from skylum. There are other partners where you can get it but getting it from skylum will give you an assurance of getting a money back guarantee.

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Aurora HDR 2019 Trial- download

There is a trial version of this software. In order to download the trial version, follow the 3 steps below:

  • STEP1: Click on the download button
  • STEP2: When the website opens, click on Aurora HDR on the menu. If you are using mobile phone, click on the three lines at the top-left of the website, select AuroraHDR, click on download trial. ( it is less than 6MB)
  • STEP3: If you are on a desktop computer, it will download immediately, however if you are using a mobile phone, it will bring out a form. Input your email and click on “send my link” or click on “download anyway”

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Aurora HDR 2019
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Graphic guru on Aurora HDR 2019
Aurora 2019 is really good

I have been working on many photo editing projects and I never thought that aurora will be good. I tried out the 2018 version earlier and it was nice. The 2019 version is very superb!! I recommend you should get it !!

Aurora HDR 2019 review




Image quality


Automation with A I


HDR Smart structure



  • An intelligent slider powered by Artificial Intelligence that allows you to get eye-popping depth & details on the image, that is noise-free, halo-free and full of life.
  • It uses artificial intelligence to make your work easier and faster
  • It can work as a standalone software or as a plugin in Adobe photoshop, Lightroom


  • It might not be affordable for everyone but you can download it for free

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