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educative review

Online courses has been a good way to learn, in this educative.io review, you will get to know everything about the online learning platform.

Before you get started, you might be having questions in your mind like:

  • Is educative.io a good platform?
  • What are the courses in educative?
  • How to join educative platform.

Don’t worry, that is why this article was written. So let’s get started!

Educative Review- Everything you should know

Educative is an interactive online learning platform designed for those interested in learning new tech skills. With a lot of programming courses on python, c#, docker, machine learning and many more. However, in order to make things clearer, we have listed the courses offered on this platform below:

Educative Courses

The courses offered in educative platform are:

  • Web application and software architecture
  • React for front end development
  • Learn Python From scratch
  • Embedded programming with modern C++
  • Grokking Data Science
  • Data structures and algorithm in python
  • Learn Rust from scratch
  • Image recognition with machine learning
  • Learn Scala From Scratch
  • Applied machine learning
  • Object oriented programming in JavaScript
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While reviewing the website, we found out that they have three main targets or you can see them as the sections depending on what you want to achieve on the platform. Take a look at the screenshot and select your choice if you want to get started.

educative review

The courses in this platform are text-based and feature in-browser coding environments, which means that you can jump right in and start learning immediately. In addition, there is no set-up, no fast-forwarding videos, no hassle. Sounds great right?

Watch this youtube review video

Educative io Python

The python programming language is now becoming more popular day by day. It is used to develop different applications like web applications, graphic user interface based applications, software development application, scientific and numeric applications, network programming, Games and so on.

Therefore, Educative has some python courses which you will like to check out and register. I will be looking at two: Python Data Analysis and Visualization, Learn Python from Scratch and

  • Python Data Analysis and Visualization

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Python, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, and Seaborn to perform data analysis and visualization. You’ll explore the four crucial steps for any data analysis project: reading, describing, cleaning, and visualizing data. This is a beginners course with 34 lessons, quizes and playgrounds. In addition there are code snippets.

educative io python course review
educative review- python
  • Educative io Learn Python from Scratch

If you are looking for where to learn python from scratch then this is a good course for you. Python is easy to learn but you can only make it hard for yourself if you don’t learn from the right place. This is a free course and you are not paying to learn. You have to take this chance.

Learn python from scratch
  • Develop Web Applications in Python with Flask:

Python indeed is a favorite among application programmers as well as web developers (thanks to Django) owing to its strong emphasis on readability and efficiency. This course is designed for programmers who want to learn the Flask from scratch. Flask is a beginner-friendly framework. Thus, having prior knowledge of other web development frameworks is not required, but could be helpful.

educative flask

Educative review- Pricing

Based on the review we did on the website, there are lots of free courses there. Again, paid courses there are very much affordable. Prices is between 0$ to 90$. However, a lot of them are below 30$. This makes it easier for anyone to buy. They also offer access to all the courses on the platform but this is at a monthly fee of 7.99$.

Educative io free courses

At the time we checked, Some courses had 100% discount. However it is possible that they might no longer be free at this time. All you have to do is to check on the website. The courses that were free are:

  • Learn Pearl from scratch
  • Python from scratch
  • Learn Scala from scratch
  • Rust from scratch
  • Learn Dart: first step to flutter
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Now let’s answer the questions we highlighted earlier:

5 reasons to join Educative.io

You might be thinking that I have forgotten the main reason of writing this article but I did not. I just tried my best to show you why Educative is good. However, below I will summarize by listing the 5 reasons in order to justify my topic:

  1. Educative.io courses are interactive: What makes it interactive? On the platform, you have a code playground where you test what you are being taught.
  2. It is good for beginners: There are platforms where professionals do not teach in a way a beginner will understand. However, on educative, you will get a good foundation that you will use to foster your career up to a professional level.
  3. There are free courses: Even though there are courses you pay for, there are still courses you can take for free.
  4. Courses are affordable
  5. The final reason why you should join is because you want to get a skill: Believe me, the world needs skilled people to create things that are innovative. Therefore, educative is a place to get started.

Is educative.io a good platform?

Based on how affordable, good courses, nice user interface, we will say that it is a good platform for beginner programmers. They will teach you well so you can get started with programming easier.

Finally, we have tried reviewing this platform for you, you can now see for yourself by visiting their website

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