Chipper Cash Review- Send and receive Money in Nigeria

Chipper cash review

When You hear about chipper cash in Nigeria, what comes to your mind? FinTech? Money? Well in this review you will get to know what chipper cash is all about, how to download chipper cash, why you should use chipper cash and many more


Chipper cash Nigeria Review

What is Chipper Cash?

Chipper cash is a mobile app launched on July 7, 2018 that is used to send and receive money from one person to another. It is a secure and simple way to send and receive money. I will say that chipper cash came with amazing features which makes it stand out from other FinTech apps.

Chipper cash Nigeria

If you take a great look at the picture above, you will ahve a little idea on how the app looks like. It is friendly and easy to use.


How does Chipper Cash work

Watch the video below to understand how it works.

I took some of my time to review the app, created an account, logged in and tested some of the functionalities of the app like sending money, requesting for money, buying airtime, and many more.


How to register on chipper cash app

In order to register on chipper cash app, you need:

  • Your full name
  • A valid email address
  • A valid phone number
  • A valid Nigerian means of identification: this can be an International passport, Nigerian National ID card and so on. Chipper cash wants to make sure that their users are real  in order to avoid fraudulent activities on the platform.

Step 1:

You should first of all download the app by clicking here. or clicking on the image in step 2 to register faster

Step 2:

After downloading the app, you need to enter your email or phone number. I will advice you to use an email address, this is be cause, your phone might get lost and your number might get lost too therefore you need an email address to recover your account when need be. A link will be sent to your email or phone in order to activate the registration

chipper cash Nigeria- how it works
Enter a phone number or use email


chipper cash review
Input the code that was sent to you


Step 3:

Next, you will be told to fill a registration form, there you will fill in your name, then you will be asked to choose a pin. With this pin, you will have access to this app when it is locked.

Finally, you have to verify your account. In order to do this, you need a valid ID card. I used my voters card and was approved. Just follow the instructions and get verified.

You are done, you can now make use of the chipper cash app.


Chipper cash Nigeria


How to send and receive money In Nigeria on the chipper cash app

You can send and receive money from friends through the app. In order to do this, you have to click on “send money” in the bottom menu.

In order to make things easier and to show you how sending money is on this app, the app will guide you on making your first transaction. Once you open the app, follow the instructions you will see on your screen. It will guide you.


send money with chipper cash
Click on the icon in the menu
send money with chipper cash
Select a contact


How to buy airtime on the chipper cash app

In order to buy airtime, click on the green phone icon at the top-right corner of the app.

buy airtime on chipper cash Nigeria

You will be asked to input the phone number you want to recharge, then you select the amount you want to buy.


How to earn money in Nigeria  on chipper cash by referring people

Chipper cash referral


You can make money on chipper cash. You will get paid 250 Naira when someone installs the app through you and verifies his account.

NOTE: you must register through someone in order to get your first 250 Naira.

Below is a proof of payment and you can make 250 Naira over and over again.

chipper cash referral payment proof chipper cash referral payment proof


Final verdict

You might be asking questions like: Is chipper cash good? With the review above, I think that your questions have been answered.


Click here to Download




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Chipper cash Nigeria
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by David on Chipper cash Nigeria
It worked !

I thought it was a scam. I downloaded the app, verified my identity and got 250 naira.

Give it a try too

by Sam on Chipper cash Nigeria
Withdrew to my bank and bought airtime

The withdrawal is instant! Withdraw any money you get to your bank or buy cheap airtime

32 thoughts on “Chipper Cash Review- Send and receive Money in Nigeria

  1. Phil Reply

    It is real and I have referred over 31 persons. Chipper cash pays you 250 naira for each referral

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Chipper cash is available in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Nigeria. This means you can send money to any one in these countries, for free, and instantly. Their team is focused on expanding their coverage and they are constantly adding new countries. If you really want them to add a specific country soon please email their team at and let them know which country and why.

  2. Prudence Ajayi Reply

    I am a user of chipper cash, but my question is, how do they generate fund with which they pay those that registered. And how does referring people favor them in other to give out #250 for free.

    • freeman Post authorReply

      I understand you. You are one of those that doubts make money online opportunities. Well, It is good to doubt some things though because a lot of things online are scams.
      Chipper cash is a Fintech startup company. They have many investors who funded the startup. In an article by techcrunch, chipper cash raised over 6 millions dollars for their startup
      Therefore, the 250 naira they are paying you is from the money they raised to promote their app. Know that this opportunity will not last long because it will stop as soon as they get the number of users they want. Therefore, take action now and click here to download the app

      • Sunny Reply

        Can’t I fund my chipper cash account without my bvn an my ATM number

  3. Laurina Reply

    Can I register with the NIN number ( which is the national identification number) slip since i don’t have another ID

    • freeman Post authorReply

      So far, people register with Voters card. All you have to do is contact the customer support and ask them about that

  4. YY Reply

    Nice but I want to ask, can you request money from contacts that do not have the chipper cash app on their phone?


    Since I started using Chipper cash,the BVN has been the only means of immediate verification,others like NATIONAL ID CARD/VOTER’S CARD/NIN takes longer(abt 5days or more)to verify,pls why is that so?


    Am a new member of chipper cash, and I was ask for my bvn digit,as part of my registration and you know our bvn degit is a personal things, are my save by given out my bvn,pls I need response, thanks.

  7. Jibola Reply

    Good day, please I signed out of my account to help a friend open an account. By the time I was through with the friend, I tried to login/ re-sign in to my account but after I followed the instructions, it has just been writing verification complete without it able to load my dashboard. What can be done about this?

  8. Promise Reply

    My bvn was required, and am scared it’s will be of harm to me, I don’t want to loose my money

  9. Geoffrey Reply

    I need some help,
    Am in South Africa, been with this app for 1 month now, recieved at least 3 times, the money came into my account on time.

    Last week on Thursday, I did cash out, Another one on Friday, Sat and Sun, up to now I haven’t seen money in my bank account. Could there be some serious issue with the system? Will I ever get my money?
    Been talking to support, they keep saying: they are waiting for feedback from their partners! Am getting stomachaches

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