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After creating a website/ blog and growing it, the next thing that people start thinking about is how to monetize it and this is where is needed. In this review article you will be reading everything you should know in order to get started, start monetizing your website and make lots of money.

Making money online is not as easy as you think. All you have to do is to work smartly, create things that have value, monetize your website, Read this review. review

What is is a platform for publishers to earn money through push notifications. It was created by propeller ads, an advertising company. This was created for bloggers and publishers to make money from their online contents.


How to make money from

With propush, you make money from push notifications and content lockers ( you will learn more about content lockers later in this article.

Firstly, you add a smart tag to your website. Then this tag requests users permission to send push notifications, then you earn money when the user subscribes.

There are two major ways to earn money from this platform:

  • Immediate income- CPS (Cost per subscriber): You are paid only once as soon as a user subscribes to receive push notifications.
  • Long-term income- CPM Revenue Share: You are paid for each ad impression. i.e, each time an ad is shown to your website visitor.


How to join is free to join and you will get approved immediately. Why joining propush is a nice idea is that, it is easier to join and get approved faster compared to many other ad networks. Therefore in order to join, all you need to do is to follow the instructions below:

  • Visit propush
  • Click on Register. You can register and get approved faster by clicking on the form belowjoin


  • After registering, check your email and confirm.( Remember to check your spam folder if you did not see the mail in your inbox)
  • Log into your account.


How to add your website

  • Log into your dashboard using your email or username and password. Click on add source. reviewApart from adding a website, you can also add a landing page.



make money with


  • Input your website domain name ( You do not need to add http or https.
  • Next is to verify your website: Copy the code and place it in the head tag of your website. Then click on verify.

You are good to go! You can then go over to your added site and select the ad types you want to use to monetize your website. Content locker

Content locker means adding restrictions to a content on your website so that people can access them by performing a task. In content locker, you can restrict visitors from accessing a page, video, pictures, downloads e.t.c. They can only have access if they subscribe to the push notification then you earn some money.

This is a way to make more money from your contents.

You can now get started with propush, happy earning!

Click here to get started



8 thoughts on “ review [Make money from push subscriptions]

  1. Sule Reply

    I did not buy domain name for my blog, it’s still on free platform, though I got approval for Google Adsense recently, can I still register for this service ?

    • freeman Post authorReply

      Hi Shounak, I used it on one of my websites and it did not. So, you can check it out by clicking here
      Also know that if someone finds your topic interesting, he will try as much as he can to stay back on your website.

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