Skylum airmagic! Read this review before download

skylum airmagic review

Another photo editing software!! Skylum airmagic!! You visited this page because you want to learn more about the airmagic, its features and how to download it. Therefore read this awesome review.


Skylum Airmagic Review

This is not the first, the second or the third software developed by skylum. So far they have launched: Aurora, luminar, photolemur. However the airmagic came with unique features.

Skylum airmagic is a powerful A I software that improves photos automatically. One of its main use is for pictures taken from a drone. It is built on a drag and drop system which makes things easier. This means you don’t need to have any special skill in order to use it. This software uses Artificial intelligence to make photos unique, clear, eye-catching and special.


Skylum Airmagic features:

skylum airmagic drone download


This software came with amazing features which makes it unique and different from other softwares developed so far by the software company. This software was made mainly for drone pictures. The features are listed below:

5 Top features of skylum airmagic photography software- Is it good or worth buying ?

‘Airmagic’ as it name goes does a lot of wonders. I would say it performs magic on pictures. LOL!

check out the features below:

  • Skylum airmagic is powered by AI and advanced algorithms: This makes photo editing easier because all you have to do is, give it the work and allow the A I to do the rest.
  • It is user friendly and easy to use: You don’t need any much skill to use this software because it is a drag and drop app.
  • This photo editing software improves pictures taken from drones better: When you take pictures from the sky, the airmagic automatically detects sky in your photos and applies adjustments to make it look great. IT boosts the colors of your picture and makes dull colors brighter and look more eye-catching. One of the problem in pictures taken from a drone is haze. This software removes Haze automatically.
skylum airmagic review
A picture taken from a drone. Airmagic has removed the haze and made it better


  • It helps to Improve multiple photos at once: This reduces stress and saves time. With the airmagic, you can drag & drop all of your images, including raw files, and enhance them in one click. Below is a screenshot showing this:
skylum airmagic review and preorder
skylum airmagic multiple image editor


  • Lastly, It is compatible with Adobe photoshop, adobe photoshop lightroom, Adobe photos extension as aplugin and can work as a standalone software.


How to download Skylum Airmagic

Skylum airmagic has been released and it is available for download now. It’s pre-order lasted for 13 days and ended in march. However if you want to download the software, you should first of all read the requirements below before downloading.


System requirements for Skylum airmagic download

In order for the airmagic to work well on your device, you should make sure it reached the requirements below:


Mac Model – Early 2010 or newer

MacOS – 10.11 or higher

RAM – 2 GB(8 GB recommended)

Disk space – 4 GB


Graphics – Open GL 3.3 or later compatible

Processor – Intel® Core i3 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor

OS – Windows 7 or higher (only x64-bit OS)

RAM – 4 GB(8 GB recommended)

Disk space – 4 GB

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Skylum Airmagic
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Smart on Skylum Airmagic
Awesome software

Oh! I missed the pre-order, however I have gotten mine, it is really awesome!

by Adams on Skylum Airmagic
Kudos to skylum

Skylum on it again. A must buy! I can't wait for my order to be delivered

by Photo designer on Skylum Airmagic
Nice software

I have no doubt about it because the previous softwares by skylum are very good therefore the airmagic will be good!! Pre-order and save your money now!!

by Graphic expert on Skylum Airmagic
This skylum Airmagic software is awesome!!

After reading this review I had to check out the pre-order version and it was nice. Therefore I had to order for mine. Instead of paying 184.99$ I had to pay 39$. Don't miss this opportunity, order now




Skylum Airmagic


Color boost




Creative styles




Picture Quality



  • Automatically adjust levels across midtones, highlights, and shadows. Achieve deeper, richer colors for awe-inspiring results.
  • It can work as a stand alone software or plugin. Compatible with Adobe photoshop, lightroom and apple photos
  • Haze can hide important details and is common in drone photos. AirMagic removes haze automatically.


  • A lot of people may not afford tobuy however you can download it for free

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