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You might have been looking for places where you can play games for free, a lot of games out there are not free but in this article, you will see the best facebook games that you might like to play when you are bored on facebook.

Facebook once introduced games to Facebook Messenger, so now you can play a variety of games inside conversations on newer Android and iOS devices. The games are very nice, they load faster because they were built on lightweight HTML5.

Most of the games are free to play and they are enjoyable. Therefore in this article, you will see the 15 games we recommend that you should play. We saw them as the best to us, however based on personal likeness and review, you might like others. So, don’t worry because after the review ofr the 15, you will see others you might give a try.

Best facebook games ( facebook messenger games)


First of all, you need to know how to find these games. There are over 200 games Follow the steps below to find games on your facebook messenger:

How to find games on facebook messenger

  • Step 1: Log into your facebook messenger
  • step 2: look for the games category in the menu, tap the Games icon on the bottom rail,
  • Step 3: select a game you wish to play, then invite your friends to play with you, or you can be matched with strangers all over the world to play with you.

below is the photo step by step description:

best facebook games- best facebook games-


having known how to get games to play, then lets dive into the best facebook games.


best facebook games for you.

1. Basketball FRVR

The basketball FRVR is one of the best you can play. in this game, you shoot a basketball into a hoop.  Each basket is worth more points than the one before, but if you miss one shot, you’re out. Warning: the game gets progressively harder once the hoop’s placement is moved to the left or the right, and you have to start angling your shots properly to make them.

click here to play this game

2. Words With Friends

Words with friends is word-building facebook game. It tasks players with a Scrabble-like word creation competition where you can win coins and badges in the process. If you need help, you can shuffle your letters, swap them out (but lose a turn), or pass your turn. Words With Friends is especially great for sharpening vocabularies, spelling, and puzzle skills.



3. Uno

Uno is a facebook card game. It is quite interesting. In the game, you will be given cards ( up to seven cards), with the remaining cards facing down. To get started, you need to turn over the first card in the draw pile where the cards are facing down in order to create a discard pile. Then the person next to the player will have to match the cards color, number or symbol. Place this card face up on top of the discard pile. When you play a wild card, it tells the next person what color you want them to match. Draw one card from the top of the draw pile, if no match can be made with the card on the discard pile. It can be played if it matches the discard pile card. Then pass the play to the next person. Continue playing counterclockwise and shout, “Uno” when you only have one card left in your hand. Play till one player is out of cards.

Click here to play the game.


4. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Arguably the best racing game on Google Play Store, Asphalt 8 is also one of the best Facebook games right now. From using Nitro on exotic cars like Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini to chase and earn rewards; Asphalt 8 sets the adrenaline in and you get immersed in the game.

5. Criminal case

Thisis one of the games you might like to give a try. As the name goes, Criminal Case is all about solving crimes. Like the FBI, CIA and detectives you are get clues and connect dots that will point you out to solving criminal cases.

click here to play this game


So far, these are the games you might like to play. In the topic of this article, it was written “updated daily”. there you need to stay in touch. You can subscribe for out lastest update by clicking here

You can as well find other games on facebook by following the steps in the article.

All the best!

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