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If you are truly a gamer, then the game assassin’s creed won’t be a new one to you since it’s inception in 2007. I played it too in my old java phones. Currently, i have it running in my Android phone. The game has been developed very well and the assassin’s creed rebellion latest version is now available for android users.

assassins creed rebellion
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Assassin’s creed Rebellion for Android/iOS


The game is ready and set to be released ( at the time this article was written). They say “pre-registration” instead of “pre-order” because Assassin’s Creed Rebellion will be free-to-play with in-app purchases. Pre-registering sometimes grants you one or two free virtual items, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here. However, declaring your interest to the Google Play Store will produce a notification on your phone when the game eventually gets released, and you also get an email as a backup reminder.


According to cnet. assassin’s Creed Rebellion is set in 15th century Spain, but you’ll be able to play with Ezio Auditore, Shao Jun, and Aguilar de Nerha (the character played by Michael Fassbender in the feature film).

It will be Aguilar’s first appearance in an Assassin’s Creed game, and he’ll presumably be representing the Spanish arm of the Brotherhood of Assassins. Shao Jun is a female character from the Chinese Brotherhood, and this will be her third in-game appearance. Overall, more than 40 characters will be joining forces with you in Rebellion, including some brand-new ones.

Take a look at some of the parts in the game: Note: pictures below were gotten from google.

assassins creed rebellion



Get the assasins creed rebellion now:

  • You can “pre-register” on the Google Play Store, which will set up up a notification system to remind you when the game is released.
  • If at the time you are reading this post that it has been released, click here


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