latest windows 10 updates

There are latest updates that has been added to windows 10. Microsoft has added many features which you need to know about and update your windows functionalities.

I have been using windows 10 for so long now and they have been releasing updates monthly in order to improve their functionalities. You need to always be informed of the latest updates that are being introduced so that you will not be left out. After reading this article, you will see the various updates and if they are not in your own computer, then you need to update your windows.



Latest windows updates for windows 10

below are the latest updates for windows 10:

  • Dark mode settings update
  • Swift key keyboard.
  • Improved screenshot tool (new and good).
  • Separate font size slider.

Now lets briefly explain the following features with some pictures added for easier navigation and settings:


Dark mode settings update:

You can now turn on dark mode feature for your windows 10 if you have updated it. The dark mode is a feature that will make your desktop and various app environment to have a dark theme for example: File Explorer, Settings and the App Store. Below is a picture that describes this feature:


in order to turn on the dark mode feature, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings and click.
  • Step 2: Click on Personalization
  • Step 3: Navigate to Colors and click on it
  • Step 4: Scroll to the bottom you will see Choose your default app mode, click on it and choose Dark.

Again, the dark mode also works in microsoft office.

Microsoft Office 2016 also contains a dark theme that isn’t enabled by default, and must be manually enabled.

To do so, open an Office application like Word or Excel and head to File > Options. On the “General” tab, look for the click the “Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office” section and set the “Office Theme” dropdown there to the “Black” option.

Note that your theme choice applies to all Office applications. So, if you set this option in Word and later open Excel, Excel should also use a dark theme.

Following these steps will help you to turn on the dark mode feature.


  • Swift key keyboard:

This feature is available for windows touch screen users. The swift key has been in touch screen videos so in order to be used in windows 10, you must be using a touch screen windows computer.

latest windows 10 updates




  • Improved new screenshot tool( Snip and Sketch)

So far in windows, a lot of us make use of the snipping tool to take screenshots. With this new update, the snipping tool is ruled out. You can now take screenshots easier. So what is this new tool? the new tool is called Snip & Sketch. This tool is easier to access and makes it easier to share screenshots. you can set the Prt sc button to open screen snipping (Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard) and you’ll find a new Screen snip button in the Action Center. this new Snip & Sketch tool automatically adds your screenshot to the clipboard, which can streamline your screenshot-sharing process.


  • Separate Font Size slider:

A new settings slider will adjust text size across Windows, desktop apps, and Universal Windows Apps. If you’re a fan of the narrator option in Windows 10, Microsoft is also improving this with a number of changes designed to make it more useful. This feature enables you to increase font size using a slider. A lot of people have not seen this because it is not really in the Settings > System > Display page where the Scale and layout tools are located (or even on the Advanced scaling settings page). Instead, you need to go to Settings > Ease of Access > Display to Make text bigger.

So far, these are the latest updates for windows 10. more are still coming and we will keep you updated. To always stay in touch, sign up for our newsletter in the subscription widget.

All the best.


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