The Netflix Veronica horror movie was released in 25 August 2017. It is a Spanish movie and should not be confused with the veronica Mexican movie. Recently we published an article on New netflix movies

Many people say it is one of the scary movies on Netflix, however some say it is the scariest. Now the question is, is veronica movie really that scary and are you advised to watch it?

Veronica horror movie- Lets look at its review.

Before we go deeper into the netflix horror movie veronica, lets take a look briefly at its plot as was written in wikipedia.

The true story of veronica movie is:

The movie had a setting of the year 1991 and it is about a little girl of 15 years old called veronica. She lives with her mother and siblings in Madrid. Their father died recently and their mother works long hours at a bar to support the family, leaving Verónica in charge of her younger siblings.

A time came when there was solar eclipse and their teacher taught them many things about the solar eclipse. She focused on how many cultures in the world uses the period of solar eclipse to summon dark spirits and do all sorts of human sacrifices.

Verónica, her friend Rosa, and their classmate Diana go into the basement to conduct a séance. Verónica wants to reach out to her late father, and Diana wants to reach out to her late boyfriend, who died in a motorcycle accident. The board responds right away but Rosa and Diana pull their hands back when the glass cup becomes too hot to touch. Verónica’s hand remains on it, and at the moment of the eclipse, the cup shatters, cutting her finger and dripping blood onto the board. Verónica becomes unresponsive and suddenly lets out a demonic scream and passed out. After that, she began to experience paranormal occurrences. She is unable to eat her dinner, as if an invisible hand is preventing her. Claw and bite marks appear on her body and she hears strange noises.

The movie went on and on…

Veronica, who takes care of her cute younger siblings while her mother works day and night, quickly finds her apartment under siege. Lights flicker. TV’s turn on for no reason.


Is the veronica netflix movie scary?

Below are some pictures from the movie


Veronica seeks out the help of a blind nun at her school who goes by the nickname “Sister Death” and seems to be an authority on communicating with the spirit world.

Finally, the Movie is interesting to watch. However, because many people see it as scary, you can watch it with friends.


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