Play Station 5 Release date

have you ever wondered what the Play station 5 release date would be and its price?

While it may seem like the PS4 is still in the market, we’re actually coming up on the fifth anniversary of the console this year. That means that the next generation of consoles is a lot closer than we might think, with a few analysts predicting we’ll see the PlayStation 5 by 2021. With future technology on the horizon, some developers have begun to think about what the next adaptation of console technology might change.


Remember when the PlayStation 4 was first shown, the big highlight was how it would handle both particle physics and lighting. Whatever comes next is sure to have its own feather to put in its cap, and some developers are speculating what that might be.

Gaming Bolt spoke to Simul Software founder Roderick Kennedy about the next generation of hardware. Simul Software is a developer that created true SKY, a game engine plugin that is said to be the “most advanced and reliable sky system” available, including weather data generation, volumetric clouds, and other atmospheric data.

PlayStation 5 release date.

We are still in 2018 and this has become one of the questions asked by console gamers. When will play station 5 be released?

I want to bring to your notice that PlayStation 5 has already been in development. Why is this true?

Do you know that the development of PlayStation 4 began in 2008?  yes the development on the PS4 began in 2008 – five years before it launched. This will show you that the PlayStation 5 might be ready at this moment so gamers are now waiting for when it will be released.

Recently, PlayStation CEO John Kodera told investors that the PS4 was “entering final phase of its life cycle” after an amazing five years of gaming success.


The playStation 5 will be released in 2020. Why is this so?


In E3 2017, we waited for it to be announced but it was not However, when the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) was interviewed, he made us know that in a matter of time, it will be announced.

Again, it was not announced in E3 2018 so we have assurance that it will be announced in E3 2019. So we predict that it will be released in 2020.

Only time will tell, but technology is growing and being used in ways we can’t even imagine at this point. The PlayStation 5 and next generation of console hardware will bring a lot of interesting new tools and ideas for developers to play with.


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