how to start an online business with little or zero capital

How to start an online business

The internet and its opportunities to help you create unlimited wealth.


People hit the internet to search for areas of interest like education , health, politics, entertainment, business just like you. Learn how to start marketing online.

Doing any business online is known as online business and when done with precision is called internet marketing. Learning how to start an online business is a very good idea. It will be very nice if i tell you that, you can earn online. You can use the number of people using the internet daily to your own advantage.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to start an online business.
  • Benefits of an online business.
  • Why internet marketing is far of better than the usual traditional marketing.




  • Flexibility: traditional marketing is fixed. its just within a given locality but internet marketing is not restricted to where you are, you can do business anywhere, anytime.


  • Cost: cost and expense to set up a traditional market is large unlike the later.
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  • Packaging hinders good flow: internet market is very much free from that because its digital you don’t need to appear big because its online.


  • Time: large amount of time is required to set up a good traditional market to gain recognition but internet marketing provides even a novice the chance to hit gold.
  • Energy: excess energy is required because its a physical market, internet marketing involves little energy


Now let’s dive into how to start an online business.

Start an online business with little or zero capital: steps

  • Choose a name for your business and get it registered if possible. Registering your business will make it to be genuine and will make your customers to trust you.


  • Create an online presence: This is the main thing that is very necessary in order to start an online business. Your online presence is your website, your page ( facebook, twitter), mobile apps and so on. You need a website in order to start.

it is very possible that you are not a tech guru or you don’t know how to create your own website. Technobs can help you to do that. It is very cheap and you will get it done not more than 3 working days. To learn more about how to create your business site, click here.

Again you need a facebook page, you can do this on your own, it is very simple.

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If you have a website and a facebook page, you are already set.


  • Target your audience: The next step is to target an audience. You need to find people who are interested in what you do. If you are a fashion designer, you make friends on facebook with people and also invite them to like your page on facebook.


  • Start marketing: If you already have people you are targeting, the next is to start uploading your business to your site. Upload pictures of what you do and people will start messaging you to do business with you. Share your posts to people and always answer peoples questions regarding what you do.


  • Add a payment option to your site: This is what you do when everything is already set. A website payment option is a method through which you can receive money on your website. People can place orders, pay through your site and you will deliver to them.


Click here: Add a payment option to your site. Receive payments using VISA, MASTERCARD, Bitcoin and so on.



  • Requires little or no capital
  • You can make money doing what you love
  • Unlimited market
  • Little or no risk

All the best. I am fenomenal, your digital marketer.


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