Wi-Fi security and hacks-All you need to know

There is a lot to know concerning your Wi-fi security and its hacks. Read on

There are many reasons why you would like to hack your wi-fi password. The reasons might be:

  1. You lost your Wi-fi password, or you lost the password given to you by another person you are using his.
  2. Your Wi-fi is now being used by a lot of people without your permission, probably because they hacked into it and got your password.


All you need to know about Wi-Fi security and hacks

Hacking into a wi-fi is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of skills in order to do so. So far, wi-fi networks have been secured with different types of security types. Most Wi-Fi networks currently use WPA2 security. A lot more have been built with WPA2-PSK.

The WPA2-PSK security type so far has been very secure. Lets say, it is not easily hacked. Therefore this can be a great problem for tech geeks that are trying to hack into a wi-fi network. On the other hand, it is an advantage to wi-fi users because their wi-fi network will always remain secured.


Wi-fi Hacks

A lot of people have been searching for ‘how to hack a wi-fi’, maybe that’s what brought you into this site.

TAKE NOTE: There are many sites that writes about hacking a wi-fi password. There you might have seen many softwares that they claim to be used to hack wi-fi networks. Most of them are filled with viruses, malwares and various things that might harm your computer. Therefore you are not adviced to use them. If you are currently using them, then you are at your own risk.

Like I said earlier, hacking a wi-fi pssword is not very easy but it requires a lot of skills and time to master it.


How to recover your wi-fi password

Below are the steps to follow in order to recover your wi-fi password if you lost it.

  1. Type the short cut key WIN+R. This will open your run dialogue box.


2. Type cmd.exe like the one in the picture above.

3. This will open your command prompt.


4. Type netsh wlan show profile and click the enter key. This will show a list of all the networks that Windows has connected to (and for which you haven’t clicked ‘Forget network’). Just like the one in the picture below:


Now type

netsh wlan show profile name=”network_name” key=clear

Obviously, replace network_name with the exact SSID (Wi-Fi network name) you identified from the list, and you must make sure you type it exactly (or copy and paste it if you have Windows 10).

In the resulting text that appears look under Security Settings for Key Content – this is the stored password for that network. If the password hasn’t been updated, then you can copy and paste it when attempting to connect to the network again.

On a mac you can achieve the same thing using Terminal by typing:

security find-generic-password -wa network_name

If you want to get the password from another computer, you can apply all the steps above.

Thats all. All the best.







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