Do I really need to change my PC’s windows to windows 10

Do i really need to change my new PC’s windows 10 OS to windows 7?

Hello, in this article, you will know whether you need to change your new PC’s OS to your own preferred OS. You will know whether you can change it to an OS that is lower or to an OS that is higher.

NOTE: OS means operating system.

Which OS is suitable for my PC?

Any PC you buy comes with an OS already installed. It can be windows 10 or any other windows that is lower. You might ask the question, which OS is suitable for your PC? The answer is, it depends on you. The OS you use in your PC is a matter of choice. You might like to use windows 7 and your new PC came with windows 10. A question was asked in CNET by a member named Jane:

Jane who just bought a new computer with Windows 10; however, she doesn’t want to learn a new OS and would like to install Windows 7 using the installation discs from her previous PC. However, before doing so she asked few questions to cnet members , whether it can be done?

Now, do you really have to change your new PC from windows 10 to a lower windows OS like windows 7?

windows 10
  • You need to find out the one you can use best: if you are very acquainted with windows 10, you don’t need to change it. In the same way, if you don’t have any idea on how to use windows 10, you can still lower your OS. There is nothing bad about it and it cannot cause any harm to your PC.

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  • The cnet members left us with these quotes, i think it will really help:
  • “Stick to Windows 10! Cost/benefit ratio is too high”
  • “Win 10 is not something to be scared about.”
  • “Leave your fear at the door. You Can Learn Windows 10”
  • “January 14, 2020 security update support of Windows 7 ends”
  • “Going to Windows 7 would be a MISTAKE!”
  • “Don’t Do It.”

well, like I said earlier, it is your choice to make on the type of windows you should use. My advice to you is that it is better to lower an OS that a PC came with rather than increasing it. This is because, it can make your PC to malfunction because it is not that compatible with your PC features.

FINALLY: Don’t forget that it is good to learn new things, if you got a new PC with windows !) and you don’t know how to operate it, try and learn it. hope this helps.

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