Best Laptops- A Guide on how to choose the best

Best Laptops- A Guide on how to choose the best

June 14, 2018 58 By freeman

Buying an expensive laptop doesn’t mean that it is the best but you need to know the best laptops to choose from and how to choose it. keep reading, you will find out. Finally, your dream has come true. Your dream to be in a higher institution studying engineering. However, going into an engineering school is filled with lots of experiences. Again, as an engineering student, you have to meet up with technological and creative requirements daily.

However, programmers, graphic designers and so on needs to know how to choose a good laptop.





One of the requirements is having a very nice PC that will meet your various needs and solve them. I will share with you a short description of how my first year in engineering school was.


I noticed that this was a different world. Based on how passionate i was, I carried my desktop PC from home (Quite a heavy load !). This didn’t help out at all. I got to understand that as an engineering student, I needed a PC that is very nice based on portability and utility. My mates has laptops, this made it easier for them to meet up with others, write their projects on time and submit them efficiently without much stress.

– Technobs

Quite a great experience though.

Now, in this article, you will get a detailed guide on how to choose your laptop.


Guide on How to choose a Good laptop for Engineering, programming, graphic design, gaming -best laptops


Nowadays, People make a lot of mistakes while choosing a good PC that will meet up to their needs. Laptops are not well rated nowadays, this makes people to easily make mistakes.

TAKE NOTE: Buying a very expensive laptop doesn’t mean that it is the best. However, expensive laptops have nice features that others doesnt.

In this section, you will find out:

  • Things to consider while choosing a Laptop.
  • Our top picks
  • Laptops below 200 dollars

best laptops guide.

How to choose a good laptop:

Below are the three basic things you need to consider when buying a laptop.

1. Processor


The processor is one of the basic feature to check when buying a new PC. you need to know a laptops processing speed because, the faster the processor the quicker the operations of the laptop will be.

How to check the processing speed of a laptop.

  • Click on start menu.
  • Navigate to Computer and right click.
  • select properties.


Cores i5, i7 processor or 2.5 GHz is very good. There are new built laptops that have a higher processing speed up to 2.9 GHz or probably above 3.0. I wonder how it would be working, seriously, it will be very fast. Your programs will load within a twinkling of an eye. Never go for a processor that is less powerful because it will slow down everything you do. Always go for the best.



2. RAM

The Random Access Memory (RAM) should also be considered. For the best, your RAM should be at least 4GB, 6GB RAM or more. A times, some programmes might not run efficiently because of your RAM’s capacity. Therefore you are advised to get a very good laptop with a good RAM capacity.


3. Storage Capacity: A laptop is useless if it cannot contain the users documents and softwares. Having a hard disk with a large storage capacity is good. If you can afford buying a 500GB hard disk, it will go a long way to serve you better. Again, if you can also afford up to one terabyte, that’s a great advantage.



4. Screen size (especially for gamers): The size of a laptop’s screen matters a lot to a PC gamer. If your screen is very large, you will really enjoy your video games a lot. therefore, while going for a gaming laptop, go for the one that is up to 15 inches or even more. This is for a better gaming experience.

When i played my first PC game in 2011, i used a dell laptop (old model). The screen size was very small but I did not bother, do you know why? It was because i had no other choice because thats the only one I had. I visited a fellow Gamer using up to 17 inches screen sized laptop, Wow! that was my best gaming experience ever!. That was when I understood that I had been wasting a lot of time with the old one.

-Technobs Admin

5. Battery life (very important): If i mention other factors above and forget to mention about the battery life of a laptop, then I am leading you astray. When buying a new battery, you need to check the battery life. This is where sellers confuse buyers.

how to check the battery life of your new laptop.

This is where you need to do yourself/ If you are buying a new laptop, Ask the seller about the battery life. After you get the answer and is satisfied, don’t take it home yet. Turn on the laptop and leave it working during your conversation. It probably won’t take much time, if the battery life is good, you will see it. It will not die very fast. However, you can as well spend more time, you can charge it to be 100% then open some applications and leave it till it runs down to 20 or 25 %, with this you can check the time it lasted.



Our top picks:

Our top picks are laptops that reaches the requirements we listed above. Once you want to buy a new laptop anywhere anytime, follow this guide.


Laptops below 200 dollars you can check out.


I have selected few laptops that are below 200 $. To view them click here


That’s all. Enjoy your laptop as you follow our guide.

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