Baby monitoring Apps for monitoring your baby’s development

Everyday your child develops, you can track your baby’s development using these baby monitoring apps on your mobile phone.

It is very joyful to see your baby develop. It shows that you are really taking good care of him or her. All parents wish to see their baby develop. However, there are many things you need to check in a child’s development. It is not only his weight or his size, therefore you need guidance on how to go about this.


How to track you baby’s development.

baby monitoring apps.

Like stated earlier, there are things to always check out in a baby. Again, there are some certain characteristics you will start seeing in a baby, you might get advice from a pediatrician, the internet, books or maybe a neighbor who also has a kid.

You have to know that there are some certain characteristics or behaviors in babies that are normal, therefore you don’t need to panic anymore. As a pregnant woman, the baby in your womb can as well start displaying some unusual behaviors, don’t worry, we got you covered.
Here on technobs, we have done a thorough research and found many apps that can help you to track your babies development. They are very easy to use and very efficient.


Best baby monitoring Apps.

The apps listed below are for iOS and Android. Therefore, you have to download the app that is for your mobile phone type.

  1. Baby major steps.

This app helps you to track your baby’s development. It is designed for Android phones. below are its features:

  • It keeps track of your baby, toddler and monitors your kids development till the age of six.
  • In the app, you will find a list of all the development stages that your child will pass through therefore you will always know why your baby is showing a certain behavior.
  • In the app, there is a forum where you can meet other parents, share your problems, ask questions and you will be answered by someone who had the same problem earlier.

App is free. Download


2. Ovia Parenting | Baby Development Tracker

Ovia Parenting is the must-have child milestone tracker and development guide. Track your baby’s development and share your family’s most memorable moments in this completely personalized app — for free!

This app has many nice features which includes:

◆ Track your child’s growth and development with customizable, illustrated milestones
◆ Learn about child development and parenting tips with 1,000+ expert articles
◆ Easily add multiple children and receive personalized updates based on their age
◆ Invite friends & family to follow your children and view updates, photos, videos, and more
◆ Customize your child’s name, gender, and skin tone.
◆ View all of your saved memories in one family calendar.

In addition, there are more apps you can get from ovia:

Ovia Fertility: Track your fertility & get pregnant faster (for free!)
Ovia Pregnancy: Watch baby grow, learn what changes to expect, and get newborn and postpartum advice (for free!)

App is free: Download- iOS | Android


3. The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app can be a lifesaver for parents during those times of wondering what on earth is going on with their baby. This app focuses on the weekly changes in your child’s mental development this is known as mental leaps. Each mental leap is broken down to keep you informed about your baby’s fussiness, cooing, and everything in between for the first 20 months of life. The app will notify you when your baby is making a mental leap, and you’ll get an explanation as to what your baby can understand and learn after the leap.

App is not free: Download- iOS | Android


4. Pregnancy Tracker & Countdown to Baby’s Due Date:

BabyCenter’s pregnancy tracker and baby development calendar app guides you through the countdown to your baby’s due date – week by week and day by day – with pregnancy tips and fetal development videos timed for each stage of pregnancy.

The BabyCenter app is for every period of the parenting journey:
Whether you’re just beginning to think about getting pregnant, trying to conceive, already pregnant, or maybe just curious about baby growth and development, make the BabyCenter app your go-to source for fertility & ovulation, prenatal, and new baby information.

You’ll receive a daily pregnancy news feed, food and nutrition ideas, health and pregnancy exercise advice, weekly checklists and reminders, and tips for dealing with morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms.

App is free: Download- Android | iOS

These are the Baby development apps you need to give a try. They are all easy to use and contains forums where you can meet other parents and share your experiences. We will keep updating as we always try to show you the best.

All the best.


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