Udacity flying car course- learn the secret

Flying cars? Is it really a fiction? Learn how to build yours today with the Udacity flying car course. If you are interested in flying cars, drones, autonomous systems, and the future of smart transportation, this program is for you. Join one of the world’s largest online learning platforms to learn the great secret behind flying cars.



The world is really advancing in technology at a very great rate and there is more need for technologists who will venture into creating outstanding projects to improve the world.

Have you ever imagined yourself writing codes that will be used to build a flying car? A flying car is a type of personal air vehicle that provides door to door transportation by both ground and air.


In 1940, henry Ford famously predicted:

“mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come.

Learn how to build a flying car- Udacity

What are the requirements:

In order to understand the secrets behind flying cars and to venture into building a flying car, you need some basic and vital requirements.



  • Mathematics: Basic linear algebra, calculus (derivatives and integrals), probability and statistics, Basic physics(basic mechanics including knowledge of kinematics, dynamics and torque)
  • Programming: you need intermediate level programming experience in Python or willingness to learn. You also need intermediate level programming experience in C++ or willingness to learn.
  • A very Good computer with an internet connection. (the minimum requirements are 4 GB RAM, QUAD CORE processor or equivalent, 50 GB free HDD space space and Wi-Fi capability )


Mathematics? Why is it a prerequisite? Yes! It is very important for you to venture into what you are planning now. Again, earlier I asked a question: have you ever imagined yourself writing codes that will be used to build a flying car? That is to say that another important thing needed in order to learn this course is programming.

Having known the requirements, let’s move to the next frame.

Where can I learn how to build a flying car?

You might be wondering where you can learn this interesting course. Technobs will refer you to UDACITY.

What is UDACITY? Udacity is an online education site. It was launched in the year 2012. It offers various online courses for emerging professionals in various fields. There you can learn Programming, Artificial intelligence, and so on. It has over 1.6 million users all over the world.



Why we recommended Udacity: The Flying Car course in one of the Nanodegree programmes that are taught in Udacity. According to Udacity, they explained why you should take this Nanodegree program. Read below:

In this program, you will learn from world-class experts, write aircraft ready code and tackle real world challenges ranging from emergency aid to fleet coordination. You will master controls, planning and more. In an increasingly congested world, flying cars look to the skies to provide smart transportation solutions that benefit us all. Our Nanodegree programs are built with the world’s most forward-thinking companies- Google, Facebook, AT&T, IBM, Github, and more. Our expert project reviewers, mentors and coaches ensure that you are job ready.


  • What kind of topics will the program cover?: The program will cover topics including estimation, control, planning, quad rotors, fixed wing aircrafts, system identification, mission optimization, fleet coordination and lots more.


  • Udacity has world-class instructors who are leaders in this transformational field who you can learn from  and also work with the pioneering thinkers who are actively creating the next generation of autonomous flight systems.


  • Again, you can work with Udacity’s custom-built flight simulator and benefit from personalized guidance as you port your codes to actual drones and contribute to open source projects.

How long can I learn the flying car course?

The Udacity flying car programme lasts for:

Two 3-months terms. Study 15 hours/week and complete in six months.

If you don’t have any knowledge of programming, i recommend these articles for you:

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