5 useful tips to master a new programming language

5 useful tips to master a new programming language

June 7, 2018 2 By freeman

You have all it takes to Learn programming easily. Programming is hard, Programming is easy, whats the real fact? How can I master a new programming language.

Are you new to programming and want to learn programming easily.  Are you trying to learn a new programming language but you are finding it difficult to adjust and learn a different thing? Then you need these tips to learn programming easily, If you have not started learning how to program, then you need to read this.


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Programming tips you need to know- Learn programming easily

Learning how to code can really be stressful and hard if you don’t know how to start and the necessary tips you need to know. Below are the programming tips you need to know, Whith these tips, you can master any programming language whatsoever.



  1. Take time to practice: In programming, There’s a lot to learn and you’ll probably forget things as quickly as you learn them if you don’t practice. Try and practice daily, this will help you a lot. If you stop practicing, there are important lines of codes you will tend to forget. Again, you don’t learn a programming language by just reading the code, try and practice with your computer and see how it works and know the possible ways to apply it.

2. Stay away from cramming:

If you have been cramming codes, you should know that cramming is the worst way to learn how to program especially when you are trying to master a new programming language. That was how I started. I thought that it was the best way.

Cramming codes has a lot of disadvantages. Programming is very broad and if you start by cramming the little ones, there are more cumbersome lines of codes you are still going to meet. Again, as you cram, you tend to forget others.

This is where the first tip comes in, in order to stay away from cramming, you need to practice daily. As time goes on, you will become familiar with them and you will not need to cram again.


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3. Give yourself a break:

A great way to learn is to always give yourself a break. After hours of practice, give yourself a break. you can play games, watch movies, go for a walk. Research shows that people learn better when they give themselves a break from studying. Relax yourself and your brain too.



Have you tried the ones above? lets keep going


4. Always review your previous works:

Have you ever noticed that you tend to forget something you learnt for so long? Don’t worry, it is normal. You are more likely to remember lines of codes you learnt some days back than the ones you learnt months back. In order to always remember, you need to always review you work. Set a strategy to always review your work weekly, it will really help you. You can as well take a screenshot of your codes and use it as your mobile phone’s wallpaper, you will always see it when you unlock your phone and with this, you will not forget. You can use wallpaper slides and slide through your codes.

Depending on the language, you’ll need to memorize hundreds of syntax rules e.g. keywords, semicolons and so on. Using the screenshot tip can help you to learn them and always remember them.



5. Use various resources for learning and learn from others.

This tip really works. Set time to always review a fellow programmers work. Ask them questions and learn new coding skills from them.

In addition, you need to join forums. There you will meet other programmers, see their projects, ask them questions, review other programmers questions and learn new skills.

You can join these programming forums


programming is hard and it’s okay if you struggle with it. sometimes you feel intimidated when you make mistakes or miss some stuffs, don’t give up

All the best.




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