Programming languages for beginners

There are many programming languages for beginners. Are you a programmer? An android developer? Or you want to learn programming? There are lots of programming languages to learn as a beginner. Each of them has their own importance and where it is applied. Based on statistics, programming is playing a great role in the tech world. A lot of people are interested in programming. Below are the list of 4 programming languages that are easy to learn and can be used by both professionals and newbies.

Programming languages to learn as a beginner.

the programming languages to learn as a beginner are:

  • Kotlin
  • Rust
  • Clojure
  • Go
  • Python


  1. Kotlin: this programming language was designed by the jetbrains and was released in 2017. It is a great alternative to the java programming language. However it runs on the java virtual machine and also can be compiled to javascript source code.

Why you should learn the kotlin programming language:

  • It is a great alternative to java.
  • It is easy to understand especially for newbies. Even if you have been using java, you can still get along with it easily.
  • It is a very nice programming language for android developers and it is now widely used for android app development.
  • It is a more modern general-purpose language.
  • It is the third language fully supported for android in addition to java and c++.


  1. Rust: This programming language has been an alternative to C++ programming language. In stackoverflow, it was voted the most loved language in 2016.

Why you should learn rust programming language.

  • It is a very good programming language for system developers.
  • It is safer and more modern than C and C++.
  • You can easily get acquainted with it.
  • It has a growing number of developers and libraries.


  1. Clojure: this programming language was created in 2007. It is very compatible with the java code and the java runtime environment. This is because, it was built on the virtualization part of java. This programming language is a bit different from java. For example, in java, there are lots of parentheses ( ( ( ) ) ) used. Moreover, in clojure, there are no curly brackets.

Why you should learn the clojure programming language.

  • The clojure programming language is a general-purpose language just like java.
  • Its syntax is simple, consistent and concise.
  • You can interact live with a running program to see what the separate functions do rather than having to recompile and run it after every change.


  1. Go: this is a new programming language. It was developed by google. It is used for many things. It is a very good programming language to learn.

Why you should learn then GO programming language.

  • It is easy to write and understand.
  • It has many modern features such as garbage collection and concurrency.
  • It is used for creating web applications.
  • It is a programming language developed by Google, therefore there is plenty support and active development.
  • It can run on windows, Linux, Mac and even on small devices like

python: After listing lots of programming languages without listing python programming language then it is not complete. The python programming language is an easy language to learn. One of its advantage is that it is one of the multi-purpose programming languages people start with.

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